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Kierney is 4 years old (turning 5 next week) starting Kindergarten next Monday (7/22). She went to the Dr because she was getting dizzy, had some headaches and vomiting. They did a CT scan and found a tumor in her lower left brain. The tumor was a Pilocytic Astrocytomas grade 1. It was completely removed without complication. The tumor was near her optic nerve so she has some ongoing checkups with a traveling pediatric ophthalmology team to determine if the tumor caused any permanent damage. She will have follow up visit with the neurosurgeon in August and MRI in October. If all check out well they will monitor her annually with MRI to make sure the tumor is not growing again. Her prognosis is very good. ...but The medical costs include the flight from St Mary’s to Children’s Hospital in Denver, 8 days in the hospital, surgery, two MRI’s to date, etc… We do not know at this point what insurance will cover and what will be their responsibility. Please consider helping this family along their medical journey with little Kierney